Why awards?

Today, ingenious Pumpkin Von Bandersnatch (whose blog I strongly recommend you), nominated Pypys Little Pages for “One Lovely Blog Award“. It’s the second time that Pypys is nominated for a blog award. Some weeks ago, extra smart & humorous happinessisnotadesease nominated the little chap’s pages for the “Versatile Blogger Award“. Please note that Pypys Little Pages has been flagged as mature content (you’re warned!) by the wordpress operators – and therefore “caged” – even if it is being nominated for awards. Does the little chap deserve it? You may see it for yourself here.

No need to say that Pypys and I are flattered by this appreciation, but in both cases we didn’t step into this award game. I don’t know, maybe we don’t think that an award is needed for everything. It sounds a little bit like turning everything into competition. And there is also this little flavour of chain letters (see the award nomination rules)…

Or maybe we are simply too lazy to follow those rules.

Anyway, why awards? After all, blogging is an award by itself, isn’t it? [recorded laughs]



    • Marco Bigliazzi

      If your blog has been flagged as “mature content” your posts on that blog will not show up in topics (categories and tags) or any other wordpress search. For instance, in the “comics” topic, Pypys will never appear. So, if you can’t find a post of yours in his topic search (category or tag) then bingo! You’re mature.

      • Olo O'matthew

        That is really weird because when I’m going through the topics none of my art is showing up. I never use vulgar language, and there is never a nude. What else would qualify as Mature.

          • Olo O'matthew

            I use the tag art, artist, photo, photography. When I go to the reader and go under said topics. My pictures aren’t showing up. This is most deffinetely a interesting topic. Hopefully can find more out.

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